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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the booth work?​

A: People entering the booth begin the process by pressing a button by the monitor, which then displays prompts before each photo (four photos per session), and everyone in the booth can see themselves on the monitor so they know exactly how they look before they get their image captured for all posterity.   WARNING:  We are not responsible for any craziness that may ensue inside the booth!


Once the session is done, it takes about 15 seconds to produce the photo strips, which can be collected from an attendant just outside the booth.  Each photo session produces two identical strips of four images.  If there is a memory book being produced, one strip goes into the book and the other goes with whoever grabs it first.  If everyone wants a strip, they just have to go back in the booth and do it all again!  We usually don't find people complaining about that.  Clients can request more than two prints for a nominal charge..

Q: How big is the Photo Booth?

A:  The Photo Booth is six feet high, seven feet long, and four feet wide.  The booth is black, with black curtains on both sides.  The inside of the booth is well lit, and there is plenty of room for a lot of people (see warning note above).

Q: Why would I use your booth instead of another?

A:  Simple answer - we offer a better experience than others at a very competitive price.  We don't show up with a booth made of PVC pipe and some curtains or a sheet against the wall.  Our photo booth is a well-constructed booth made to imitate the classic photo booth experience. We use top quality digital cameras, professional lenses, and printers made especially for event printing so you'll receive a top quality print in seconds.  Click the "Why us?" tab at the top of the page.

Our motto is "We Bring the Party!", and we guarantee you won't get a better experience at the same cost anywhere.  We really do bring the party!

Q:  What do I need to do to reserve the photo booth?

A:  We require a signed contract to reserve the date.  A non-refundable retainer is required for any event booked at least a month in advance.  The contract will show the amount required for each package.

Q:  Are we limited to a certain number of photos?

A: No.  As many photos or sessions as it takes for your event, that is what you'll get.

Q:  Do you offer both color and black & white prints?

A: Yes.  The normal process is color, but if you want black & white or sepia prints, we can accommodate your request.

Q:  Can we get a monogram, wedding date or company logo on the prints?

A:  Absolutely, as long as we get the information with enough time prior to the event so we can produce what is needed to do it.  Each strip will have the desired information printed at the bottom so your guests will remember how much fun they had!  By the way, this is offered FREE of charge!

Q: You're located in Toledo.  How far away will you go with the booth?

A:  We'll go up to 50 miles one way for no additional charge.  Destinations farther away will require a small surcharge, but you'll know all that before you book the booth.

Q: Does the rental price include set up and delivery?

A:  Everything, including teardown, is included in the rental fee - no extra fees unless you require something special to enhance the experience.

Q:  Is there an attendant with the booth?

A:  Two attendants are always there, ready to assist with the booth, handling pictures, and maybe assembling a scrapbook for guests to sign. 

Q:  How much time is required for setup and breakdown?

A: We'll need about an hour to set up and verify everything is working perfectly, but only a half hour to break down.  Clients are responsible for ensuring there is adequate space for the booth to operate.

Q:  How does the scrapbook option work?

A: Clients have the option of taking one of the strips that are produced from each session and putting them into a 12x12 album.  Guests can write a message in the book next to their unique picture from the booth.  At the end of the night, you have a book full of memories, an impossible task without the booth!

Q:  Can I provide my own scrapbook?

A:  Absolutely no problem.  However, someone will be needed to assemble your book for you.

Q:  How about props?

A: Props add a lot of fun & excitement to the photo booth, and we can provide them for FREE!  If you want to bring some of your own, we have no problem with that.

Q:  Do you offer a disc of all photos?  How about an online display?

A:  Each image is captured on a computer, and a DVD can be purchased separately for a minimal charge.  The DVD is usually available within days of the event.  (Choose this option when booking the booth.)

As far as displaying the images online, we upload them them to our Facebook page.  All people need to do is find our page and look for their folder, which can be identified by name or date, and any image can be downloaded for no charge.  Images will be available for viewing for 30 days following the event.

Q: What kind of events can benefit from having a photo booth?

A: We haven't found one that wouldn't.  Weddings, corporate events, reunions, bar mitvahs, birthday parties, dances - any event where a photo booth might add to the festivities and excitement is a good candidate for a photo booth.

Q: What payment options do you offer?

A:  We accept checks, cash, or credit cards (3% extra).

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